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No Dig Gardening

Believe it or not, compost mulch will reduce the number of gardening-induced backaches caused by hours of digging over the soil on your garden beds or allotments.

How to do it...

Spread 25-50mm of Fairfield's compost on top of your soil annually. Our 20mm mulch will be perfect for this because the worms love it as they gradually drag the goodness down through the soil.

The mulching can be done at any time of the year, but Autumn is a great time to apply a natural insulating blanket for your soil and plant roots in preparation for the Winter months.

Not digging actually encourages a better management of weeds, because you don't have the option of letting the weeds go mad after plants and vegetables are harvested.

Simply keep the soil clean by hoeing, hand-weeding and continual cropping.

The absence of weeds means fewer slugs because they have fewer places to shelter.

More importantly and brilliantly, after a year or so, you will have prevented a larger number of weed seeds from germinating in your garden.

Benefits of Compost

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