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Technical Information: Turf Management

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Fairfield's compost is made from fruit, vegetable, plant and woody waste. These are some recommended properties of a good compost for use in turf establishment and maintenance:


Units of Measure

Recommended Range


pH Units (1:5 water extract)

 7.0 - 8.7

Moisture Content

%mm of fresh weight

35% - 55%

Organic Matter Content

% dry weight basis

25% minimum

Electrical Conductivity

mS/m (1:5 water extract)

250 maximum

C:N Ratio

20:1 maximum

Screen Aperture Size


25 maximum for turf establishment

10 maximum for general purpose top dressing

5 maximum for fine turf top dressing

*Fairfield's Compost has a pH level of 7

Establishment, Topdressing and Site Conditions
Nutrient Values

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