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Technical Info: Soil Amendment

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New planting schemes are often sited on nutrient poor soils which have been depleted of organic matter. In many cases, the soil has been disturbed following building or construction.

In order to create a suitable substrate for the plants to root into, the soils need to be enriched with humus to improve the soil properties. Fairfield's compost is made from fruit, vegetable, plant and woody waste. These are some recommended properties of a good compost for use in turf establishment and maintenance:


Units of Measure

Recommended Range


pH Units (1:5 water extract)

 7.0 - 8.7

Moisture Content

%mm of fresh weight

35% - 55%

Organic Matter Content

% dry weight basis

25% minimum

Electrical Conductivity

mS/m (1:5 water extract)

200 maximum

C:N Ratio

20:1 maximum

Screen Aperture Size


25 maximum for turf establishment

*Fairfield compost is pH7

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