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Technical Info: Growing Media

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Composted material can be a major cost-effective component of growing media. Not only is it a sustainable, well-structured substrate, but also a source of nutrients and buffering capacity.

Benefits of using compost in growing media:

  • Provision of nutrients
  • Reduced nutrient leaching
  • Enhanced buffering
  • Suppression of plant disease
  • Suppression of algae, liverwort and moss
  • Enhanced wettability
  • Reduced lime requirement

How to use composted material

Composting material can be used in a range of blends with other substrates according to the application, e.g. cell trays or pots. The formulation should be soundly based on analysis of the composted materials.

Successful blends have been used from 10% to 60% depending on crop type and production system.

Where composted material is diluted with bark and/or other woody substrates, a nitrogen (N) supply is usually required to prevent N lock-up by fungi in the bark etc.

Characteristics as growing media

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