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A Truly Sustainable Waste Management System

Green/Garden Waste

Fairfield Materials Management is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its' own operations and assisting you to limit your individual impact.

We recognise the environmental and indeed the economic needs associated with diverting green waste away from landfill.

Therefore, Fairfield provides:

  • An extremely low cost green waste disposal service 
  • 6 day drop off of green waste (Monday - Friday 06.45 - 18.15; Saturday 07.45 - 14.45) 
  • A monthly record of the green waste delivered.
  • The opportunity to buy back compost (at a competitive price) as and when required, and the satisfaction of knowing that the composted material is tested on a regular basis
  • Sustainable peace of mind

Fairfield Materials Management diverts green waste from landfill, assists you to meet diversion targets, reduces waste disposal costs and provides a top quality compost material into the bargain.

Advice to Suppliers

Green waste describes any garden trimmings, leaves, shrubs, plants, grass, street trees, park trees or tree trunks etc., that arise from households, council parks and garden maintenance, as well as from commercial premises.
The quality of the end product is reliant upon a clean green waste stream; contamination creates down-time through its removal, and this needs to be avoided. Please remove unsuitable material from your green waste before disposing of it on the Fairfield site.

Green Waste Specification

  • Brash and branches (<10cm diameter)  

  • Wood chip contamination <2% (any higher and we will have to charge penalties for removal and disposal)

  • Transfer notes (annual with additional weigh tickets of for every drop-off) 

  • Copy of waste carrier licence

Other Waste

If it can be composted, we might be able to process it. Give us a call.


Please contact Fairfield for green waste disposal prices. Tel: 0161 231 2139

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