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Quality Protocol for Compost

Fairfield has successfully achieved the Quality Protocol for Compost standard (14th November 2008). The protocol requires Fairfield to continue to sample its product to meet PAS100 standards (British Standards Institution’s Publicly Available Specification for Composted Materials) but in addition Fairfield must audit the entire composting process from waste source to compost end use.

The Quality Protocol benefits local authorities, compost customers and composting producers by:

  • allowing customers to be more confident that organic waste that they send for recycling is composted to a high standard;
  • protecting the environment (including soil) and human health – by describing acceptable best practice for the use of quality compost on land;
  • easing regulation – by defining when the compost ceases to be waste and waste regulatory controls are no longer required.

The benefits of Fairfield Compost

  • quality management standard  – ensures that our production processes comply with strict standards and rigorous testing procedures.
  • Our in-vessel composting units reach temperatures that kill all seeds, viruses and pathogens, thereby delivering a consistent, weed-free product.
  • The process is tested regularly and externally audited every year.
  • Our compost supplied is of a friable texture, without excessive moisture, and does not exceed the PAS100 limits on stones, weed propagules, and physical and chemical contaminants.
  • Our compost does not contain substances toxic to plants and possesses no objectionable odours.
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