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Fairfield 20mm Coarse Compost Mulch

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Fairfield Standard is a rich, dark, coarsely-screened compost, used predominantly for mulching, highway maintenance and erosion control purposes. It completely enriches and improves the soil and is ideal for both sandy and clay soil types.

Harvested compost is left to mature for 6 weeks. This material is then put through a 20mm screen in order to remove large, woody pieces. However, the Fairfield Standard mulch compost still retains small pieces of woody material. This benefits the soil around plants and trees in a variety of ways:

  • Reducing/suppressing weeds around the plants
  • Increasing or decreasing soil temperature
  • Retaining moisture around the plant and in the soil
  • Preventing erosion
  • Keeping slugs/snails off plants
  • Enriching soil with nutrients
  • Both retaining water (for sandy soils) and improving drainage (for clay soils)
  • Faster plant growth and healthier plants
  • Improving root and plant growth
  • Less plant loss in tree/shrub establishment projects

If you cherish your park, garden or allotment, compost should be applied in preparation for winter, as well as at the beginning of spring. Compost:

  • Fertilises soil naturally (no horrible chemicals)
  • Insulates plants against the cold
  • Maintains moisture in dry or frozen plants
  • Gives plants a healthy kick start for spring.


Fairfield will deliver compost in bulk within Greater Manchester, or customers can collect using their own trailers. Please note that we do NOT deliver bags of compost.


Contact Fairfield for a quotation (discount available for large bulk orders).


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20mm coarse mulch