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Fairfield Fine 10mm Compost

Fairfield Fine is a highly versatile, rich, dark and finely-screened compost used for a wide and varied range of applications such as turf and lawn improvement, soil remediation, and soil incorporation. It can fix poor soils nutritionally, physically and biologically and helps reduce/eliminate pre-plant fertilisation.

Harvested compost is left to mature for 6 weeks, then subjected to a double screening process in order to remove the larger pieces. Fine 10mm compost benefits soil, turf and plants in the following ways:

  • Allows for faster turf growth and extensive rooting
  • Allows for faster plant growth and healthier plants
  • Improves soil structure and supplies mycorrhizae
  • Supplies and releases nitrogen (and iron) over a 3 year period
  • Reduces compaction and bulk density of heavy (fine textured) soils
  • Increases moisture infiltration and oxygen exchange in heavy soils
  • Helps retain moisture in light (sandy) soils
  • Helps suppress various turf diseases
  • Supplies plant nutrients, reducing need for fertilizers and chemicals
  • Improves poor quality top-soil when blended
  • Keeps soil weed-free
  • Cation exchange capacity of compost helps soils retain nutrients
  • Re-establishes organic matter
  • Promotes deeper rooting/better establishment
  • Less plant loss in tree/shrub establishment projects
  • Plants can better cope with environmental and cultural stresses


Fairfield will deliver compost in bulk within Greater Manchester, or customers can collect using their own trailers (please note that we do not deliver bags of compost).


Contact Fairfield for a quotation (discount available for bulk orders)


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