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Waste Management System

Fairfield provides a  sustainable and extremely low cost green waste management service for businesses

  • Green waste can be dropped off at our East Manchester site, 6 days a week
  • A monthly record of the green waste you deliver is made and we invoice at the end of the month 
  • The opportunity to buy back compost (at a competitive price) as and when required

Fine 10mm Compost
Fairfield Fine is a highly versatile, finely-screened compost used for a wide and varied range of applications such as turf and lawn improvement, soil remediation, and soil incorporation.

20mm Coarse Compost Mulch
Fairfield Standard is a coarsely-screened compost, used predominantly for mulching, highway maintenance and erosion control purposes. It is organic and completely enriches the soil.

Landscaping Service
Fairfield has introduced a small-scale landscaping service for customers who enjoy their gardens, but are unable to shift and apply our compost because of health or time limitations. It's only a small charge.
Please contact Fairfield for details. Tel: 0161 231 2139 or email:

Fairfield’s compost complies with the requirements of the British Standards Institution’s Publicly Available Specification for Composted Materials.

No Peat Compost
Find out more about peat-based composts and why they should be avoided.

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