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Applications: Turf Management

Compost has been used successfully for many years in the establishment, maintenance and renovation of turf. A variety of residential, commercial, industrial and sports turf applications exist for the use of compost.

The use of compost as a means to improve soil characteristics, will allow for more extensive rooting and quick establishment of a variety of grass species.

Compost is primarily used as a soil amendment in this application, but may also be used as a seeding media in applications such as top dressing.

Compost can also be used as a means of supplying slow released nutrients (especially nitrogen), which are often costly to turf managers, since both warm and cool season turf varieties require a substantial amount of fertilisation.

Compost is an excellent treatment in sandy and heavy, clay soils.

Uses of compost for Turf Management

  • Turf establishment
  • Turf renovation
  • Turf topdressing (or topdressing component)
  • Turf divot media (or divot component)
  • Seed germination media
  • Organic fertiliser (nitrogen, iron)

Benefits for Turf Management

  • Product versatility
  • Weed-free
  • Few consistent soil amendments available for turf applications
  • Few inexpensive turf topdressings are available
  • Rich in plant nutrients, allowing for a reduction in fertilisation
  • Supplies nitrogen over a 3yr period
  • Cation exchange capacity of compost helps soils retain nutrients
  • Allows for faster turf growth and extensive rooting
  • Can help reduce compaction and the bulk density of heavy (fine textured) soils
  • Can help moisture retention in light (sandy) soils
  • Disease suppression of various turf diseases

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