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Applications: Topsoil blending

Adding compost is now recognised as a low-cost and effective method of improving the quality of topsoil material. Buyers of topsoil are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain a high quality, nutritious and consistent product. The growth rate, health and visual appearance of plants are all directly related to soil quality.

Most topsoil is lacking in organic matter and nutrients because it is usually excavated material of poor quality. However, compost is a consistent and stable soil amendment, thereby restoring such soil back to health.

Topsoil blenders generally use compost to create organically enriched blends.

Buying Fairfield’s PAS100 accredited compost will ensure that you can blend and brand your own unique, high quality and consistent topsoil.

Uses of compost for topsoil blending:

  • Topsoil component for 'typical’ landscape and general turf applications
  • Sports turf media component
  • Specialised landscape and planter mixes

Benefits for Topsoil Blending

  • Can be blended with subsoils, sand, etc., to manufacture a topsoil substitute
  • Improves lower quality soils, which can then be resold at a premium price
  • Weed-free and stabilised organic matter source
  • Rich in plant nutrients (micro and macro) which will allow for a reduction in fertilisation
  • Cation exchange capacity for compost helps soils retain nutrients
  • Allows for faster turf growth and extensive rooting (improves soil structure and supplies mycorrhizae)
  • Helps reduce compaction and the bulk density in heavy soils
  • Helps moisture retention
  • Suppresses various soil borne diseases
  • Can bioremediate contaminated soils
  • Reduction in poor quality, `dead' flower beds

Fairfield customer quote...

"I don't bother working on new-build housing developments anymore because the quality of the soil is so bad - nothing ever grows, and what you plant certainly doesn't last ".   Sarah, Peak Landscapes

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