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Applications: Highway Maintenance

Developments over recent years have encouraged an increasing number of local authorities to use recycled content in highways maintenance.

Compost is one such product, and Fairfield’s material meets the strict technical specifications of a wide variety of applications.

Specifying compost helps meet authority policy targets – such as sustainability, procurement good practice, best value and waste management.

Compost adds organic matter to the soil which gives it a more workable structure and is especially beneficial for clay soils.

Compost contains slow release nitrogen, phosphate and sulphur, good amounts of potash plus smaller trace elements, all of which help to improve the availability of nutrients for tree and shrub growth.

Different particle size grades of compost are available for a range of landscaping operations. The finer grades can be mixed in to act as a soil improver or a top dressing. Coarser, woodier fractions are most suitable to act as a stable, effective and long-lasting mulch.


  • Avoidance of waste disposal charges and Landfill Tax through re-use
  • Avoidance of Aggregates Levy payments, from which recycled and secondary aggregates are exempt
  • Reduced costs of transporting aggregates when recovered materials are available locally
  • Reduced cost of buying recycled rather than virgin materials

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