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Applications: Gardens & Allotments

Fairfield's compost is vegan-friendly (it isn't made with any animal by-product), and is suitable for organic growing.

Compost provides all the nutrients and fertilising benefits your soil needs. As plants grow, they remove nutrients from the soil. In nature, this nutrient is replaced in the natural cycle of decaying organic matter.

However, additional matter is often required to replace nutrient loss. Our finished compost is a valuable and natural soil additive.

The micro-organisms in the compost also help extract existing nutrients from the soil and pass them on to plants. The result is great-tasting fruit and vegetables, beautiful flowers and healthier plants.

Compost works well in all soils. In sandy soils, it helps to retain water; in clay soils, it improves drainage by making the soil more porous.

For turf and lawn improvement, Fairfield’s compost improves the base soil and has a slow-release of nitrogen over a 1-3 year period, which encourages healthy looking grass growth.

Uses of compost in gardens and allotments:

Benefits of compost for gardens and allotments

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