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Applications: Growing your own at school

Fairfield's compost is used increasingly in grow-your-own projects within a number of Greater Manchester schools.

In-situ composting and vegetable growing are excellent and practical ways to demonstrate environmental issues, enhance biological and geographical studies, as well as encourage healthy eating.

Fruit, vegetables and plants need healthy soil to grow.

In a bid to be more sustainable and reduce their own waste impacts, schools may have composting facilities on-site. However, the resulting compost goodness may be insufficient to spread over the growing beds.

This is where Fairfield comes to the rescue.

We supply compost in bulk quantities, and it is so nutritious it will give your soil the healthy kick start it desperately needs.

Reasons to use Fairfield's compost:

1. If your soil looks grey.
This indicates low, or zero nutrient content in the soil. If you don't apply compost, you will spend unnecessary money on fertilisers, and/or your crops will fail.

2. If you are establishing growing beds for the first time
Mixing top soil with a healthy soil conditioner is essential for growth. Unless you are paying a large amount of money for top soil, the quality of this material will generally be pretty poor.

3. If your school is striving to become, or to maintain its `Eco School' status.
Fairfield exists to provide a sustainable waste solution on the New Smithfield wholesale market site in East Manchester. We divert thousands of tonnes of waste away from landfill every year and make it into a fabulous, BSI PAS100 accredited compost. We'll probably be the most sustainable purchase you'll make.

Compost miles: Anywhere between 1-25 miles (depending upon your location).  

For just £25.00 per tonne + vat, we'll supply you with the most nutritious and sustainable soil conditioner around.

In return, we'd love to see some photos of your planting development before, during and after Fairfield's compost has been applied.

Go on, give us a call... Tel: 0161 231 2139

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