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About Fairfield: Our Philosophy

Fairfield is committed to sustainable waste management, the production of high quality compost through local systems, diverting material away from landfill, and the promotion and education of compost material.

Fairfield’s business is based upon:

  • Sustainable waste management – reduction/re-use, recycling and composting
  • Delivering this via a social enterprise business model and retaining the benefits for the local community
  • Sustainable energy supply

Fairfield processes organic market waste, landscaping waste and produces a high quality, peat-free compost from materials that would ordinarily end their life in landfill sites.

We aim to serve as many people, groups and businesses in Greater Manchester.

In the process of our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its’ own operations, we aim to assist others to limit their individual impacts.

Fairfield’s experience will enable the organisation to guide others; this ‘blue print’ will ensure that replication of this model can occur throughout the UK.

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