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Fairfield Anaerobic Digestion (FAD) has developed a business to divert unwanted commercial and household food waste away from landfill through an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) process.  Food waste will be delivered to the site and processed through the AD system.  For the system to succeed, we need to work with businesses and Local Authorities with the ability to think laterally - if food waste can be diverted from a business or a household without a garden, then it can be processed to generate renewable electricity.

The aim of the Henry Doubleday Research Association (HDRA) is scientific research to develop and improve the techniques used in organic agriculture. (www.hdra.org.uk)

The Soil Association is the membership charity at the heart of the UK organic movement. Since 1946 it has been campaigning to raise awareness about the positive health and environmental benefits of organic food, farming & supporting farmers in producing natural food. (www.soilassociation.org.uk)

Debdale Eco Centre (formerly Fairfield Composting) is a not-for-profit organisation working across Greater Manchester to promote composting, with a hands-on educational approach and a desire to increase soil fertility through the application of compost.

Kindling Trust is at the very early stages of establishing a rural base in the North West of England to work towards a just and ecologically sustainable society.  The Kindling Trust is lead by a team of ecological and human rights activists, horticulturalists and social entrepreneurs who strongly believe that social change is not only needed and possible, but that we need to get on with it now!

EMERGE Recycling is Manchester's leading community recycling group collecting paper from over 20,000 households across the city as well as commercial collections. (www.emergemanchester.co.uk)

The Community Composting Network (CCN) is a national network providing help, support and representation for community groups, who are in some way involved in the sustainable management of organic resources. CCN is a not-for-profit organisation with over 200 members. (www.othas.org.uk/ccn/)

The Association for Organics Recycling works to promote the environmental and economic benefits of effective composting and compost use. The Association runs workshops and training events to improve the skills and knowledge of workers within the composting industry, regulatory agencies, L.A.s and the general public.

Nurturing Nature have designed and manufactures 'the Eliminator'. The Eliminator - is an all-purpose wormery that will compost food waste, paper, cardboard and garden waste. Children love learning about worms - and the educational models feature a large plexiglass window for easy viewing!(www.nurturingnature.co.uk)

The Community Recycling Network is the national umbrella organisation for established community, not-for-profit and co-operative waste management groups involved in reduction, re-use and recycling projects. (www.crn.co.uk)

Association of Manchester Allotment Societies (AMAS) - AMAS acts as a means of support to the city's allotment and horticultural societies.

Sale Horticultural & Allotment Society

Our Friends...

Chorlton Nursery...the hidden gem

Unicorn Grocery - Since opening in September 1996 Unicorn Grocery has been offering a stunning range of wholesome and organic foods to its South Manchester customer base.

Trafford Council - Allotments / Stockport Council - Allotments / Manchester City Council - Allotments / Tameside Council - Allotments / Salford Council - Allotments / Bury Council - Allotments / Oldham Council - Allotments / Rochdale Council - Allotments

MEEN - Manchester Environmental Education Network

Eco-Schools Award Scheme

Grassroots Gardening

Manchester Healthy Schools Partnership


Red Rose Forest

Mersey Valley Countryside Warden Service


CUBE - Centre for the Built Environment

Manchester City Council, Neighbourhood Services, Waste & Recycling Team

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