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About Fairfield: Our History 

Fairfield developed out of Fairfield Composting  - Manchester’s first composting group which was established in 1996.

Fairfield (Materials Management) was Manchester’s first in-situ compost producer, and the first in the UK to develop a commercial enterprise utilising Vertical Composting Unit (VCU) technology.

In the first six months of operation Fairfield was recognised as the most innovative social enterprise within this sector by The Composting Association.

The business utilises material generated by New Smithfield Fruit & Vegetable Wholesale Market, and green waste supplied by landscapers and local authorities. 

Fairfield Materials Management was incorporated at the end of 2002 and started the UKs first large-scale market composting system on New Smithfield Market in June 2003.

The VCU system enabled Fairfield to take a modular approach to increasing processing capacity, and to operate within limited space.  In March 2004 a further 2 units were added to this system, tripling processing levels and moving the market closer to its target of zero waste. 

A further 3 units were added to the system in November 2005.  With 6 VCUs, Fairfield is now in a position to process most of the markets biodegradable waste.  In addition to the composting system, plastic, wood and cardboard is separated for recycling.

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