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About Fairfield Materials Management

The Fairfield name is synonymous with quality compost and a sustainable waste management process.

Fairfield is a social enterprise bringing real environmental benefits to Greater Manchester. Since 2003, Fairfield has been producing quality compost and handling green waste material through a system that avoids environmental degradation.

Fairfield has established the UK’s first sustainable waste management system to operate on a wholesale market. Based on the New Smithfield market site in East Manchester, Fairfield has diverted 6,500 tonnes of organic market waste material away from landfill.

The in-situ process means that fruit, vegetable and plant waste travels only a few hundred yards to be made into sustainable, quality compost.

The system has saved on substantial amounts of transportation, reduced fuel usage, reduced carbon dioxide emissions and diverted waste away from environmentally-damaging landfill sites.

And, it means that Manchester now has its own locally-harvested compost on the doorstep.

Fairfield Materials Management operates on a site fully licensed by the Environment Agency.






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